Second Sight – Part 2

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Second Sight – Part 2

The first post on Second Sight covered basics of seeing and receiving spiritual insight. This post focuses on deeper understandings of these processes.

Guidance comes through several possible carriers, listed in order of integrity and power:

  • God (your Light Source/Higher Self at the solar plexus, an inch and a half above your navel; this is your headquarters)
  • an angel
  • a protector, messenger, or healing Being
  • any of your spiritual guides
  • your generic right creative and spiritual brain that transmits and receives
  • your third eye
  • a spirit entity/life form/alien, (could be suspect, can have power,) or
  • a deceased loved one, whom you can trust, but they may not have much clout

As long as your spiritual intent is pure, with no selfish or ulterior motives, it is not necessary to identify how or from whom you are being sent spiritual insight or assistance. You need only to receive, acknowledge, and thank them. Many years ago I asked my HVT® guides for their names and they told me, “It doesn’t matter who delivers you roses, only who sends them.” As you apply your inspiration more frequently, you are opening your trust factor and are developing the skill to receive more.

On rare occasions when receiving guidance, you could feel uneasy, or sense a strange or even malevolent feeling or awareness. This sensing could be primarily in your gut area or solar plexus more than in your thoughts. Should any of these signals arise, throw White Light around yourself and whoever seems to be near you. Speak out loud if possible, or use mental words to acknowledge the presence of this disturbing energy or spirit. Demand that if they are not from God’s Light that they leave NOW. Forcefully count to three, and they will almost always leave.

If the energy/spirit remains, ask if you can help him or her. Accept what you receive without the need for proof (which is only your conscious brain screening for understanding and control. By asking questions and waiting for answers before you are willing to proceed, the conscious brain is blocking the more subtle energies of intuition and receiving.) The visitor(s) may have a message for you or be in need themselves. As you receive words or impressions of visions, emotions, or information, you are beginning to use your third eye! Experiment and allow yourself to flow with whatever comes.

More on this fascinating topic will be addressed in my next post.



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