Second Sight – Part 3

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Second Sight – Part 3

The first two installments of the Second Sight series have given background and specifics of how the receiving process usually works, and the various kinds of couriers who deliver messages. We complete this series with guidelines on how to handle the very rare occasion of negative entities.

With your purity of intent, almost all guidance is loving, timely, and helpful. Sometimes a spirit may come to you needing assistance to move on into higher dimensional realms away from earth. With this potential, we can intuitively feel “on alert,” yet not defensive or frightened.

VERY rarely, there could be a negative entity that does not leave when you demand it to. Throw White Light around yourself and it. Do what you can to feel safer, such as pray, read or quote the Bible, light a candle with an intent of “safety” while you light it, and ask for more protection and angelic intervention. In these exceptional cases, external spiritual help is needed, often requiring a psychic (meaning “of the soul”) healer. PLEASE do not let this extremely rare possibility stop you from using your divine spiritual gifts!

In my 29 years of HVT® I have had only two experiences with negative entities. The first one was alone in a car on the way to Sedona, AZ. This spirit began talking to me and over a few minutes became sarcastic. I told him that if he was not from the Light he must leave now. He left immediately.

The second time occurred in my first office. It presented as a stench resembling sulfur. The smell was not in any other space of the building, only my office. I searched with my two children, both gifted intuitives, for possible sources, including my four studios downstairs. We could find nothing amiss! Then we worked together focusing on energies. We saw an invisible “stink booth” in the middle of the room. Apparently a negative entity had been able to temporarily stretch his vibrational level high enough to enter the room, and then lowered his rate to his actual level, manifesting the repulsive scent. We held hands in a circle around the booth, prayed for assistance and removal of the entity, and watched the booth shrink and disappear. The smell left instantly. Again I repeat, PLEASE DO NOT LET THE EXTREMELY RARE POSSIBILITY OF NEGATIVITY STOP YOU FROM USING YOUR DIVINE SPIRITUAL GIFTS! (We don’t decide to never walk again due to one bad fall!) Vacuum out any fear! With perseverance, you are assisting your own evolvement.

When you are working with spiritual energies, you are in a higher dimensional flow of receiving and interacting. You may feel as though you are a rather passive participant in the experience, and are watching from some neutral distance. Allow whatever you receive to flow and express whatever wants to be stated. You may be surprised, relieved, or impressed with the loving honesty of what you are saying or hearing. This is a remarkable and gratifying experience! If you get important information, as soon as possible write it down or record it. The message is received in the creative and spiritual side of the brain, which has no short-term memory. Unless the communication is urgent or critical, you will likely not remember much of what took place even a few minutes after returning to your normal state.

With practice in receiving guidance, your confidence and skill will improve. You will also trust the process more fully and desire to remember and apply the input in your life.

Remain aware, ask for God to guide you, and trust what happens. Your life will be profoundly enriched!

“Open my eyes, that I may see

glimpses of truth thou hast for me…

Open my eyes, illumine me,

Spirit divine!”

– Bradford Torrey, ca. 1875




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