About D’Ann

D'Ann RohrbachD’Ann has been on a personal spiritual path since 1973, as a result of discovering reincarnation through a book. This new awareness opened doors to vast ethereal and sacred concepts, and launched a new direction in her life. Meditation, healing modalities, intuitive readings, and related books created a solid foundational background that enriched her life and developed her skills. The guided revelations she receives help clients reinterpret, understand, enhance, and heal their life’s journey.

As a National Merit and Returning Woman Scholar, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, Cum Laude, from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, in 1989.

D’Ann is a retired professional church organist, carillonneur, and former substitute public school teacher.

D'Ann in Glencoe, Scotland 2014She began this professional clairvoyant and clairaudient clinical practice in 1987, as a direct result of a spiritual breakthrough while working with a quartz crystal. Initially she primarily tapped the Akashic Records for past life readings and healings.

HVT® continues to evolve, and now utilizes multidimensional energies that specialize in clearing karmic issues and assisting the emerging human. D’Ann established a healing center, trained associates, and taught spiritual development classes. She continues to serve and mentor innumerable clients across the United States and Canada through this process.

A Life Member of Association for Research and Enlightenment, D’Ann is an occasional speaker for local meetings. She spearheaded the founding of a growing spiritual network, Northern Light Seekers, in Petoskey, Michigan. Serving as the first President of the Board for four years, she moderated their monthly meetings. D’Ann’s frequent lectures, readings, and therapy sessions are regularly met with enthusiastic response.

The picture above on the right was taken in Glen Coe, Scotland in July, 2014. As a Campbell, D’Ann was able to have her bare feet on Campbell soil.

A native of Michigan, D’Ann is married with two children, and three grandchildren. Life’s enjoyments include music, long walks, reading, nutrition, spiritual study, traveling, and relaxing in her Lake Michigan vacation home, “Up North.”