Life's Healing Setups - D'Ann Rohrbach

Guidance to transform struggles into peace
and live beyond your ego

Authored by D’Ann Rohrbach
Edited by Robert M. Weir

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D’Ann’s book gives ideas and insights about:

  • The invisible yet powerful effects of energy
  • How your past lives affect your present life
  • How your life blueprint serves you by attracting setups and difficulties
  • Why your ego is holding you back from a more rewarding life
  • Simple energy techniques that promote inner peace and improve your quality of life
  • The benefits of spiritual evolution

LIFE’S HEALING SETUPS will encourage, inspire, and facilitate spiritual understanding and soul growth. You will encounter new concepts — some of them evolutionary — which is explained in depth. This book is personally applicable and relevant for the reader; it includes over one hundred real life anecdotes that illustrate how spiritual principles manifested in individual lives.


D’Ann has been on a personal spiritual path since 1973, as a direct result of discovering reincarnation through a book her husband was reading. She began to explore intuitive readings, new healing modalities, and to practice meditation. A spiritual breakthrough in 1987 led her to open her Michigan-based clinical practice, Harmonic Vibrational Therapy®, HVT®. Besides sessions and sigils, D’Ann also does book signings, speaking engagements, workshops, readings and mini-readings.Read more…

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Wholesale-Book-FlyerIf you would like to help others heal their lives, I have a suggestion that is easy to do, and takes only a little time. You may know of one or more local independent or metaphysical bookstores where Life’s Healing Setups could be carried.

We’ve created a flyer (PDF) that is a one-page writeup that you could print and take to the owner or manager of the store, with your personal recommendation. They can order on their own, or easily contact me. If you feel led to do this, your effort could make a major difference in someone’s life. I’d love to hear of your success.

Thank you, and may your life be blessed in return.

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A 2010 published book about HVT® named, ARE WE OUR PAST LIVES? Soul Patterns in Personalities and Relationships, by Marie Gates, is available through:

Or ordered through any bookstore.

“Are We Our Past Lives?” is the distillation of Marie Gates’ search for spiritual development through studies of her own karma and past identities. She courageously and thoroughly explores nine past lives and candidly correlates personality traits and challenges that connect to her present life in meaningful and fascinating detail. Somewhat like a novel that requires setting up background that leads to a culmination, the pieces concisely fit together in the final chapters.

Well researched and written, this book explains how karma works in all of our lives, and how it is possible to move beyond its binding contracts. This book can be an important addition to the library of anyone interested in a fuller understanding of the working effects of karma in present lives.

There is another relevant book, published in 2000, named THE PLACE WE CALL HOME, Exploring the Soul’s Existence after Death, by Robert J. Grant. He has included several pages of an excerpt from an HVT® session. D’Ann, the client Margarete, and the deceased man, Carleton, had all been friends for years. Margarete asked for a message from Carleton about his after-life experiences. He answered questions and related his soul’s journey to both women. Mr. Grant was delighted to hear specifics that corroborated and expanded on other information he had included in his book.

This book is available through:
215 67th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2061