lotusWelcome to the Harmonic Vibrational Therapy® web site. D’Ann Rohrbach is an energy healer, and she established HVT® in 1987 as a result of a spiritual breakthrough. D’Ann intuitively unveils and energetically clears the challenges and issues that have been holding a person back from personal development, and more rewarding and empowering life experiences. This is a combination reading and healing process that is confidential, informative, powerful, and effective.

As eternal energy beings, we are having a relatively brief experience on earth at this time. Life on our planet is undergoing radical dimensional expansion and renovation, which will continue into the future at an increasing rate and potency. This transformational stage is targeting and breaking apart life as we have known it, so we can open up and manifest greater potentials. Society, social institutions, and nearly everything in daily life are being affected. They are changing too frequently, downsizing, merging, becoming more costly, and/or closing, resulting in broad scale inconveniences, chaos, insecurities, and fears. Personal relationships and dramas are more difficult, painful, confusing, undependable, and disruptive. Our archaic and limiting beliefs, protocols, management skills, judgments, expectations, and other standard operations are no longer working for us. The good is becoming incredible, and the bad, horrendous. Yet in the greater picture, humans are not only to survive, but are destined to evolve into multidimensional Light beings, (exuding the glow of our divinity.)

As a species, our history and functioning have exclusively relied on three-dimensional processes. We have conventionally believed in literal appearances, and have lived and interpreted life, and addressed challenges only with that awareness. Although it will remain necessary to physically handle the basics in life, the greater Truth is that appearances are generated from unseen energies. This most basic level of existence is life itself, with a consciousness and purpose that we have yet to more fully understand and work with. The important problems we have in life are intended to serve us. Similar to a performing magician, if we want a different outcome, we need to change our energetic, behind-the-scene operations. Our personal result can be improved and accomplished when we learn broader and more advanced views and interpretations of life, how to cooperate with the loving intent behind life-enhancing opportunities, and know what to do to lift ourselves beyond management and into actually healing our lives.

HVT® identifies life issues, explains how to effectively cooperate with multidimensional energies, and boosts vibrational healing to assist the emerging human. This exciting, spiritually expansive realm is rapidly developing, mirroring the continuous leaps in technology. It promotes vital, empowered lives. If you looking for help on your spiritual path, this process can assist you!

HVT® specializes in:

  • Revealing your life issues, their origins, and your present situations and challenges
  • Opening larger understandings of life’s energetic setups that are intended to assist spiritual growth
  • Unveiling and eliminating disruptive, dissonant vibrations from your system to enhance healing and maximize energetic flow
  • Explaining specific ways to respond in challenging moments that may remediate issues
  • Intuiting and creating individualized, prescriptive energy tools that initiate profound, ongoing personal transformation, and
  • Assisting the emerging human

You are ready to have a session if you:

  • Are open to learn more about how life energetically works
  • Are searching for answers, more understanding, and healing
  • Want to profoundly spiritually develop
  • Have been praying for help
  • Feel hopeless, desperate, depressed, or are at a crisis point
  • Are willing and ready to make changes in your life, and suspend or release your belief systems
  • Will accept responsibility for your own life

Possible benefits of an HVT® session are:

  • Relief from heavy burdens
  • Renewed hope for a better life
  • Missing pieces of your life’s puzzle have been put into place
  • Inspired to interpret life more fully
  • Feel more connected to God
  • More activated guidance and intuition
  • Healing in core issues
  • Improvements in spiritual, mental, psychological, relationship, physical, and/or in other areas, conditions, and health
  • Living an increasingly more empowered life

Everything happens for me, not to meHarmonic Vibrational Therapy® is an intuitive, energetic, spiritual, and multidimensional modality. It identifies life issues and their origins, explains how and why they are manifesting, and releases a portion of their physically held, energetic charge. This removal promotes healing of specific issues, and elevates spiritual development.

This healing process is based on relating guidance originating from the client’s Higher Self, (an inborn, divinely attuned essence proportionately less than the level of Source.) This profound personal core determines what is covered in every session. Prior to beginning life, at the soul level, we select our race, gender, souls who will be our birth and adult family members, the roles we will play for each other, and the karmic issues we need to heal in the upcoming life. (KARMA: unreleased and unresolved emotions and energies from previous lives.) These issues are physically carried as invisible, charged vibrational components that are always on, similar to magnets. They constantly transmit their programming. As a result, we attract people, circumstances, and events that elicit the challenges we chose before birth to release and resolve in this lifetime. Issues manifest as predetermined perspectives, illogical, strong, and easily triggered emotions, and recurring patterns and responses that we wish we could alter. We are rarely able to heal our issues through conventional means, because these karmic challenges require energetic and higher dimensional approaches. Our karmic need to spiritually heal is the preliminary reason most of us are on earth at this time.

HVT® can access soul records, and uniquely assist people in any condition, of any age, from pre-birth through after-death. No personal information, background, or participation is necessary before or during the session. The therapist translates the energy reading into English, and facilitates whatever the client’s Higher Self wants him or her to learn about and benefit from that day. This modality advances harmony within the body, emotions, life, and soul.

HVT® is a spiritually based process, and no guarantees are stated or implied. It is not intended to replace traditional allopathic medicine. These sessions can be successfully used to supplement, complement, and integrate with other healing and therapeutic modalities.