An exciting, new beginning for you!

Besides the recent publication of her new book Life’s Healing Setups in 2015, D’Ann is now able to offer uniquely drawn, powerful and transformative individual healing tools through this website, without the need to have an HVT® session. Continue reading to discover what all of the excitement is about.


Sigils, pronounced sihjils, are symbols that hold energy. They are drawn on pieces of interfacing fabric, and are uniquely inspired for each person. The actual design and appearance of each drawing is less important than the energy it holds. They work invisibly, effortlessly, and continuously to promote specifically intended and/or self-programmed healing. Their energies can produce results that previously were not possible, or took great discipline, time, and effort to accomplish. They are wonderfully life-changing to have and use!

The energy I refer to is the life force from our soul, which is not the same as fatigue or physical vitality. Because we are energy beings, we are most responsive to energy. Any healing that uses energy can reach a depth and breadth not possible by other means. Sigils take no effort, and are in fact fun to use. Working with a sigil basically means experimenting with it and using it on yourself and/or others. The more they are used the more energy there is to use.

I have been drawing sigils since 2004. Periodically through these years they have been energetically upgraded. Up to now, I have been able to offer these remarkable healing tools only during a session. In August 2014, an expanded service was given to me that allows wider availability of sigils, separate from sessions, through word of mouth, speaking engagements, and this web site. These newest versions hold energy strength exponentially to the tenth power greater than the earlier ones. This increase in potency means that sigil healing is more effective, obvious, quicker, efficient, and easier than ever. The scope of conditions, issues, and possibilities they can address is also widening.

A few sigils have been scanned on a computer with a program that reads energy. The results showed a distinct effect and differentiation with each sigil. There was also a marked improvement in the client’s energy reading when each sigil was held.


There are three types of sigils now available, and they each focus on healing different aspects of your life.


The Karmic and Akashic Sigil is the first one drawn to activate soul-based, karmic healing. This is the area to begin profound life improvement.

Before birth we select specific issues to address and heal in our upcoming life. These low vibrational energies are karmic, which are unreleased and unresolved emotions from past lifetimes. They are invisible yet powerful. They work similar to a magnet, continuously attracting to us people, circumstances, and events that push the same buttons. These challenging experiences are actually providing healing opportunities to purge these programmed emotions and energies. When we don’t understand how life is energetically and spiritually set up, we merely manage our way through our difficulties. Because we manage our problems so well and inhibit our emotional release, we end up storing additional present life emotional debris. This collection keeps escalating, which raises the energetic ante. Our challenges therefore are becoming more frequent, bizarre, painful, confusing, are harder to get through, and last longer. Unfortunately, these repeating issues will continue until they are energetically cleared.

The Karmic and Akashic Sigil clears your soul of your karma. It does not seem to heal anyone else’s karma, at least not yet. It also addresses your Akashic Record, which holds all of your soul’s history of experiences since you first left Source. Any area of your soul’s record that has not been resolved or cleared will be expunged. This sigil healing process requires no work, and is simple, constant, and effective. It usually completes in about four months, instead of the old traditional pathways that required lifetimes or years to clear karma!

With the Karmic and Akashic Sigil alone, you will likely not notice any change in your everyday life issues. This is because karma is like a mold, and your present life is a gel in this mold. We have been trying to improve our life, or change the shape of our gel, while we are still in the mold. No wonder it doesn’t work well enough. It is only after karma is gone, when we are released from the mold, that we can make greater healing and change happen. Even when the gel is released, your life will still be in the same shape as the mold, meaning your issues will still be with you. HOWEVER, they are then only present-life based. After karma is cleared, every step you take to improve your life will no longer be thwarted by the mold. You can therefore heal your issues with more rewarding results. Clearing your karma is the way to launch a more empowered life.


The next sigil that advances soul growth and holds incredible healing potential is called the Prime Sigil. This can only be drawn after your Karmic and Akashic Sigil has completed its healing purpose. Always appearing as a simple circle, which visually belies its actual energy vitality and broad scope of possible effectiveness, this sigil is more powerful and versatile than the Karmic Sigil. (A few people have asked if anyone can draw a circle on some fabric and have it work the same way as those that I draw. The answer is no. Unless you have this spiritual gift, your circle would not hold energy.)

Both the Karmic and Akashic Sigil, and the Prime Sigil hold your own portion of God or Source energy. If God is an ocean, we are each a drop of ocean water, inherently the same yet holding our unique differences. Because we are all one at our core, these sigils can be used on and for others as well as yourself. Either sigil can be physically placed on your body, or someone else’s, to alleviate some types of injuries, conditions, or pain. You can also take a handful of energy from the fabric and “send” it to help someone regardless of their location. Examples of uses and results are given later.

The most significant blessing of the Prime Sigil is that you can personally program it to work on areas of your choosing! Simply focus on the circle, or even touch it, and ask for the energy to address nearly anything for anyone. As of now, I would suggest working on yourself and perhaps only one other person at the same time. As the earth energies continue to increase, the “voltage” of the sigil can work on more things and/or people simultaneously. You can also make a list of your goals or hopes, and place it in front of the carded sigil, either at night next to your bed, or leave it there continuously for a few weeks. Track what you notice. Results may be subtle to significant. See the section, “Healing Anecdotes.”


The last sigil type is called the Prescribed Sigil. It is inspired and drawn to address a specific issue, concern, purpose, or life quality such as Joy, Peace, Redefine Work, or Flow. It works only on you, and is drawn with or after the Prime Sigil. A different Prescribed Sigil can be drawn for the same person at least a month or more after an earlier one. Keep reading to see examples and anecdotes of each type of sigil.


Each sigil holds healing energy that addresses a specific area. You can leave the sigil positioned on the card it is mailed on or keep it with you. It works regardless of distance, but seems to be most powerful when initially worn for a few weeks. Keeping it on your body allows your system to adjust to and integrate with the multidimensional and transformative energies it holds. I recommend that you keep it near your bed at night, even for the first few weeks you have it. Then you can keep it there on the card indefinitely.

As energies flooding the earth continue to escalate, the potency of each sigil continues to automatically increase and expand. This means that all of the sigils will heal quicker and have even more obvious results as time goes on. The Prime Sigil will have even more broad-scale healing capabilities. It could heal in the future in ways we can’t even imagine now.

The Karmic and Prime Sigils hold energy for as long as you live. They stop working at death because the soul animating the energy is beyond the physical and becomes complete energy. At that moment, the soul instantly absorbs the energetic charge of the sigil into its new wholeness. The sigil can then be disposed of.

Once you receive the Prime Sigil, the Karmic and Akashic Sigil can either be kept to use on physical symptoms, or be cleared of its energy and discarded. Only discharge the energy after you have your Prime Sigil, and when you are certain that you are through with the Karmic Sigil, because it will no longer work after it is cleared. To remove the energy charge, simply place four fingers of your dominant hand along your thumb, aim them at the Karmic Sigil, then flick your fingers. The energy is gone.

The Prescribed Sigil’s energy also continues to advance over time, but once its healing is completed, which can take up to a year or possibly more, it gradually dissipates. It would be safe to throw it away after you have had it for two years.


Sigils are usually recommended for anyone twelve years or older. For teenagers, the Karmic Sigil will likely take longer to clear their karma because of their developing needs and what is appropriate for them to handle. Someone younger than twelve still needs to live with their karma, at least at this point on earth. In a few years that may not be the case.

Sigils can be drawn for anyone, even someone in hospice or an institution, in a coma, or with senility. A person with severe challenges does not need to wear a sigil, but they could sleep with one under the mattress pad near their heart. They may not even appear to benefit from the sigil, but they will derive an energetic improvement from it in some way, level, or dimension.


The effect you notice from your sigil is determined by many things, especially how sensitive you are to energies, and your vibrational rate. The higher you vibrate, the more effect and benefit you will be aware of. An open mind and heart, a healing intent, and gratitude promote more obvious healing. Additional factors that influence energy healing are your readiness to make life changes, your awareness of what’s happening internally and externally in your life, taking personal responsibility for your life and decisions, and how much emotional baggage you are carrying.

Some factors limit ideal effectiveness. A few of these are: expectations, judgments, resolute opinions, restrictive beliefs, fears, close-mindedness, strong management and control issues, skepticism, and significant negative thinking. These will deter ideal healing. The effect you notice from any sigil is determined more by you than by the sigil. The Karmic and Akashic Sigil, as the exception to what has just been said, will clear karma on anyone for whom it is drawn.

Hopefully you desire to grow spiritually, become more energetically connected, release expectations, suspend judgment, and are willing to get out of your own way so God can take over your life.


Sigil healing is different for every person. They work on deeply ingrained patterns of thought, feelings, and behaviors. Because they are multidimensional, there is a wide assortment of responses to their work. The results may be sudden, or very gradual. They may seem surprisingly unrelated to the specific sigil. They could be extremely subtle or very obvious. Changes or awarenesses can begin to appear the next day, or may not seem apparent for months. You could have intermittent hours or days of tremendous relief of the issue, followed by more energy “scrubbing” time, which will continue to boost greater healing with the next relief episode.

Occasionally there are short-term physical symptoms from the significantly high energies integrating into your body. The most common seem to be short dizzy spells, and brief heart palpitations. If you have a drastic response, and I have rarely heard of this, seek medical help. It is likely that the doctors would not find a physical cause for the symptom because it is being generated from high vibrations, not physical illness.

Most often sigils do not trigger challenges, but if that is what is most effective to your soul’s ultimate healing goal, then there will be some upsets. Undergoing this unanticipated stage of healing would promote your emotional and energetic purging, and bring you clearer understanding of your habitual management and response patterns which have been delaying or blocking spiritual advancement.

The sigils work the way they need to work for each person. Even two people with the same Prescribed Sigil have had extremely different experiences, yet both eventually benefitted profoundly. The important thing to remember is that your sigil is customized for you to heal, and it will continuously work on and for you in all dimensions necessary to accomplish its purpose.


When you first receive your sigil, sit down for a few minutes and hold it at your third eye, then your emotional center, and then in your open palm. Keep your eyes closed, and scan for any impressions or awarenesses you have. Even if you notice nothing, the energy is still there and will work for you.

The Karmic and Akashic Sigil is primarily working on clearing your own not-consciously-remembered past life emotional debris, but remember you can also use this sigil on yourself and others. It seems to be especially effective on sudden symptoms, accidents, or injuries. Medical illness and conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, do not yet generally seem to respond strongly to sigil healing. Perhaps in the future this arena will also heal well.


Because so few people can see the energy that the sigils hold, and they visually appear so simple and even “innocent,” it is extremely worthwhile to experiment and have fun with them. Doing so will help you see diverse and inexplicable physical results from their invisible energy. Also, taking pictures, and/or writing down what you notice from your experiments or in your life, can be very helpful and surprising. Sigils work ideally for each soul, even if the results are different than you would “expect.” The following examples are feedback given as a frame of reference for sigil reactions and results.

One energetically proficient client reported that every time she receives a sigil, her life changes.

One man said that he needs his sigil in order to sleep. He keeps his in his wallet, and if he forgets to move it by his bed at night, he has to get up to retrieve it. (This is definitely not the way it works for everyone!)

A 9-year-old boy was in tears with a painful stomach ache. His mom had him stretch out on the couch and asked him to point to where it hurt. She placed her Karmic Sigil on that spot, and the pain instantly disappeared.

A woman took a wilted celery stalk and covered it with her sigil. The next morning it was crisp again. (A sigil can restore, but may not yet revive. If something is in a casket, it is probably too far gone. If it is in a hospital bed, it may respond!)

A client decided to experiment with a bouquet of roses that were a week old and drooping. Taking pictures, she put her sigil on one rose and left it overnight. In the morning that rose had perked up. She again left the sigil on it. The next morning it was whiter than the other roses, and even the leaves were bright green and not curled.

Roses 2   Roses 3   Roses 4

A new client received her session package and called because her CD was blank. I apologized, and explained that recording has always been a major challenge for me due to the high energies in my office. She said she understood, and booked another session. When we met the next time, she told me that she had had the idea to put her Karmic Sigil on her CD, and three days later it played! I know this sounds impossible, but it happened.

A woman with ADHD programmed her Prime Sigil to help her focus and finish tasks. She phoned me two days later to report that she had been able to focus and follow through on things during those two days in ways that she had rarely been able to do in her life. A part of her resented this new action, but she was easily able to override that voice. She also programmed the same intent for her ADHD teenager. That same morning, her daughter was home, skipping her first three classes at school, and had not done her homework. As the mom drove her daughter to school, for the very first time, they were able to have a meaningful and honest discussion, without anger and blame, about what was going on and what they might do to improve their situation.

One woman noticed an itchy and painful rash on her chest after working in her garden. She put her sigil near it, and two days later it was gone.

Another person, in remission with bone cancer, fell in the dentist’s office and landed on her shin just below her kneecap. She did not break anything, and was able to hobble to the car and into her home. She put her Prime Sigil on the painful area, and kept it on all night. In the morning, there was only a bump on the bone, no bruising and little discomfort. She was impressed with the difference between what she expected versus what she felt and saw.

A long time client made a list of the areas in his life that he wanted to improve, and put his Prime Sigil on top of it next to his bed at night. He said that within a few weeks, everything on his list was getting better.

A man had been having shoulder pain for about six months. He put his Prime Sigil on the shoulder and left it on. After two days it was 50% better, 75% the next day, and within one week, the pain was gone.

A woman had a sinus block for two weeks, and nothing she had taken had helped at all. She placed my own Prime Sigil on her nose, and within one minute, the block opened. She was stunned.

Another client was having a difficult relationship with a friend. She decided to program her Prime Sigil to help her feel and respond better to this person. The very next day, she noticed her much milder emotional disturbance and response to the friend. The following day she felt even better.

One client awoke from a nightmare, put her Prime Sigil on her head, felt tingling, and her anxiety was gone. She also had a dry skin irritation, and decided to place her sigil on it for a few minutes. The next day her skin was clear.

A few years ago when I twisted my ankle and heard it go crunch, I hobbled around for a few hours while it became swollen, bruised, and extremely painful. Then I remembered my sigil! I placed it on my ankle, used an elastic wrap to hold it in place, spent most of the day sitting with my leg propped up, and used ice on it. At night I slept with the sigil in place. In the morning, my ankle was completely normal! Not a twinge, bruise, swelling, or any indication that the accident had ever happened! That of course convinced me of its magnificent power to heal.

When I drew my Prescribed Sigil for FLOW, I wrote down my responses to the energy. To demonstrate a detailed log of healing, I will relate this experience.

Day 1: The first night I dreamed I was standing outside my home in the winter and there was snow on the ground. Only my lawn had rolling waves from under the snow. I recognized even in my dream that some deep areas in cold storage in my life were beginning to move.

Day 2: Before 8:00 AM I had a 30 second lightheaded/dizzy spell.

Day 3: I was less concerned about things. I still cared, but felt less responsible and somewhat less proactive.

Day 4: I was more easy going.

Day 5: I had a little dizziness when I got up, and I noticed a definite improvement in FLOW in less than one week!

Day 6: My handwriting greatly improved! What an incredible surprise that I am so grateful for. (It has never been beautiful, but is as good now as it has ever been. I had been thinking that I would need to start printing because of uneven lines and letters. One other client had this same result from a different Prescribed Sigil.)

Day 9: This was the next day I noticed any additional change. I realized I had unexpectedly, and still have, NO interest in drinking coffee! I had not been thinking about or trying to stop using it, had never been addicted to it, and have many times been off of it for several months. Nevertheless, I was and still remain, delighted!

Day 14: It’s definite. I FLOW! I caught myself thinking in my old stress-filled way, but there was no emotional energy connected to the thought, so I could ignore it. (This result varied by the day, but after a few months, it stabilized and now remains nearly constant.)

Day 30: I was aware that I was moving back from trees that held burdens, problems, and things that are worrisome. These concerns feel more peripheral now, and I KNOW that all is well.


Please check this sigil section occasionally for updates. As I receive more feedback of results, my understanding expands, and there will be a larger frame of reference to encourage wider sigil use than we know about at this time. Please post your sigil experiences on the Sigil Feedback page.

NOTE: Sigils will only be drawn during a session when D’Ann is directly guided to do so.

If you have any questions please contact D’Ann at 586-488-5310.