What Clients Say

“Over the past decade HVT® has provided the insights and support to guide me into a far richer spiritual experience. It has helped me understand the nature of my journey and the opportunities available to me for growth. It is a powerhouse experience I recommend to anyone looking for answers and willing to use that information for change and growth.” 

~ Alex Brodrick



“I told myself before my (first) session that if (D’Ann) mentioned a particular issue that only I knew about, she must be true…and she mentioned it!!”

~ Juliette Adams, Advertising Executive


“I have been able to release the drama in my life since D’Ann has revealed past life issues that still apply to this life. She is matter-of-fact in her delivery and delves into the root of concerns revealing the truth of what is happening today. I am calmer, less prone to irritation, and I assess situations in a more rational way now. I have a ‘let go and let God’ attitude now that I understand why my life is the way it is — was.
My heartfelt thanks.”

~ Patti Bannasch


“HVT® works! It has changed my life and the way I look at it. Deeply rooted problems embedded in my psyche have been removed and replaced with the answers I’ve been looking for.”

~ Timothy Bryzik, Locksmith


“…It’s as if a curtain has been removed, and a burden lifted. Four sessions of HVT® have accomplished for me what nine years of talk therapy could not.” 

~ Rose Bynan, Secretary


“When I received my newest Prescribed Sigil, “Letting Go”, in the mail, I had the most wonderful experience that I had to share. I opened the envelope, and put it on me with great excitement. I walked right into my bathroom and saw a lady bug by the window. I have not seen one in a very, very long time. Lady bugs are a huge symbol for me because they live an extremely short life. They are a lot about letting go and letting God. It is all so miraculous — the Universe sending me two messages all in one moment! So thank you, thank you, thank you for that! I hope this reinforces more of the wonderful work you are doing and how you have made such huge changes in so many of our lives. I am so grateful for you!”

~ Marci Caplan, New York


“I have worked with D’Ann since the 1990’s. I must give her full credit for saving me, changing my life and helping me to become the person I am today, free of all karma and able to function in this world. I disliked myself when I was younger and now, I love who I have become. D’Ann reveals where behaviours came from and explains what needs to be done. You do the work. I did and I am overjoyed with the results. I also love my sigil. When I received it, I had pulled my sacroiliac on the left side of my back. After two days of applying it to the area, I was completely healed. Thank you, D’Ann for you and your wonderful connection. I will forever be grateful to you.”

~ Jeanette Dagger


“D’Ann has some serious hook up with intuitive healing. I have been a student/client of hers and HVT for over 10 years. She has consistently given me the honest truth about my journey, and has always allowed me to find my way, to my own TRUTH. There is no better gift to have than peace in your heart and the ability to not react to life’s tricky ego lies.

D’Ann has been the single most influential person/work in my life to lead me to that inner peace we know we all want. I am eternally grateful for her listening, obeying, and using her amazing gifts for the greater good!”

~ Colleen Dominis, Naturopathic Consultant


“I felt inspired to write ARE WE OUR PAST LIVES? SOUL PATTERNS IN PERSONALITIES AND RELATIONSHIPS. It is based on the past-life histories D’Ann and her associates uncovered in HVT sessions. I believe their guides helped me write the book.

My first session with D’Ann shocked me when I learned about my life of lowest vibration. As a young unwed mother in fourth century Palestine I had taken my life. My current father had been my father then, and both times he failed to give me emotional support. D’Ann’s account triggered painful memories, but with her encouragement I forgave my father.

D’Ann also advised me to surrender my life to God, and this has cured the depression I brought in from the Palestinian life, and the sadness I was unable to work out in other incarnations. Furthermore, thanks to HVT all of my past-life karma has been removed. This tremendous blessing frees me to focus upon the present.

I hope my book enlightens readers, encouraging them to explore their former lives, the root of many challenges in the present. Grateful for the transformation HVT made possible, I dedicated ARE WE OUR PAST LIVES? to D’Ann, her former associates, and their guides.”


~ Marie Gates, Author


“As a result of HVT®, my integral feeling of depression has lifted, and along with this, some chronic back pain. There are no more panic attacks. I feel better about myself and have tapped into an underlying well of calmness and faith…I see great changes in my ability to function with other people and in relationships.”

~ David Gregory, Accountant


“The nurse said, ‘The doctor wanted you to know your CT scan report was wonderful.’ They have never used that word with me before. I want to thank you…(for bringing)…me to this point. I am so grateful.”

~ Melinda Hagland, Teacher


“Things just seem to be clearer and life less confusing…I was most surprised to have two of my five guides you told me about make themselves known to me visually. Exciting!”

~ Jan Hannah, Artist


“Thanks for the reading. I have to tell you things have changed a lot. Things just seem so easy and smooth. I have the same amount of time but have been getting more accomplished and don’t have that emotional attachment of hurry hurry and do this. It just is and I do it. It’s a wonderful change. I just don’t seem to get too excited about anything. By excited I mean overwhelmed or upset. It’s just so different. I am so excited for all that is to come. I am so happy that you have been given such a beautiful gift and that I have been put in contact with you. I am so thrilled for all of the healing that has taken place. Thanks again. God Bless!!!!!!!!!”

~ Alecia Kraus


“HVT has had an absolutely profound effect on my life both as a client and as a student/associate of this healing energy modality.

As an HVT® client, understanding and subsequent healing were achieved regarding various relationships and the energy patterns that were an integral part of them. Ultimately this resulted in my making choices that were more energetically satisfying and supportive for my life.

The student/associate exposure to HVT® demonstrated to this engineer beyond a doubt that there are divine energies that are available to assist with issues in our lives even if they cannot be described by mathematical or scientific equations or principles. Energetic patterns are real, and while we all have free choice for the direction of our lives, these energy patterns, if not recognized and dealt with, will lead us down unsatisfying paths that are similar to ones we have traveled before.

Blessings to D’Ann and the HVT® Guides!

~ George Martell


“My HVT session with D’Ann was a gift from a friend. And what an amazing gift it was.
I have to say that I was skeptical at first. I am a multidimensional seer and have been gifted with reading the Akashic Records for 15 years.

I have always known that there was something blocking me and even referred to myself a few times as being cursed.

I have seen different psychic’s without the results or answers I was looking for. And trying to get information about ones self; well that is difficult at best as we tend to get in our own way.

So when I was given this gift, I hesitated thinking that no one had been able to help me yet, what would be so different about my experience with D’Ann?

A LOT!!!!

I am absolutely thrilled with my session and am so very thankful for it being gifted to me. D’Ann found what was blocking me and yes it was a curse from a very very long time ago. When you told me D’Ann, I cried. The feeling I had was “NOW I HAVE PROOF AND I AM NOT NUTS! I can finally heal and move on with my life” Your tears upon the removal shared with me just how powerful the release was. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

My session was so powerful that I crashed for a full day and spent the following 3 days in an incoherent zombie like state; without the drooling or groaning of course! (This made work fun!!!)

Jump forward one week to when my CD and Sigil arrived in the mail. I picked up the envelope from my mail box and as I was walking back to my house, I could feel the energy travel up my left arm and into my face/head.
That night my 2 year old grandson came down with the stomach flu. It is hard to see a little one sick. They are so frightened. We managed to get him cleaned up, bathed and off to bed. A short while later I opened my envelope and followed the instructions for the sigil. On the 6th chakra! It seemed to need to stay there for several minutes (about 10) then onto my heart chakra. As soon ask I laid it on my heart chakra, I could see my grandson in his crib downstairs in his room. A beam of blue light/energy traveled down my left arm and enveloped him in light. Still wrapped around him, another beam shot out and moved into my daughters room, next to his. All this in a matter of seconds. I completed the sigil work by placing them in the hands as instructed and then went to sleep knowing all was well. My grandson slept the night through without a tummy upset. He got back to health in a day and a half, also without a tummy upset. What a power tool to have!

Thank you D’Ann for an amazing session, for all the love you shared and for being such a great receiver and giver of light. I look forward to further sessions and more healing. Also thank you Cheryl for this wonderful gift.”


~ Kendra O’Shea, Akashic Records Reader


“I wanted to give you a little more feedback that to me is truly amazing…I had an abusive father I was never able to forgive. I did the forgiveness exercise you gave me, and about a week later his family had a reunion, which I did not attend. But my sister told me (about it)…and I found myself having fond feelings toward my father and wishing I could see him again! This has never happened before and I was shocked…I attribute this change in my attitude 100% toward the work I’m doing with HVT®.”

~ Samantha Truscott, Massage Therapist



“A session with D’Ann is equivalent to a year of therapy! She really helps you understand what you are going through and gives you guidance to help you in your healing.”

~ Carrie Zaatar


“I highly recommend D’Ann and HVT®. She has provided me with the guidance I’ve needed on my spiritual journey for the past 5 years. D’Ann’s HVT® has helped remove energetic blocks that I did not even know existed. I was able to feel the change within me instantly. D’Ann has been such a blessing in my life and I would not want to be without her support and guidance. Thank you, D’Ann.”

~ Kathy Tagenel


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